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Born in 1974 and raised in Los Angeles, Robert “Dytch66” Gomez is one of the leading visual artists and muralists of his generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of graffiti and street culture in the 1980s. A pioneer in the graffiti 3D lettering style, Dytch66 began drawing at an early age. In his teens, graffiti became a way of life. Influenced by street culture and his own Native American/Spanish heritage, graffiti allowed him to share his art with the city he loved.  It was the voice of the people; one in which you could see expressions of all art forms. Studying at LAFA and Associates in Art, he absorbed the acute attention to form, concepts, perspective, designs, color theory and dreams. The therapeutic nature of art and his own anarchistic side, led him to pursue other mediums in which to recreate the world in his own way. Subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary, his work as a muralist focuses on the points of intersection between photo-realism, color theory, spatial analysis and abstract art. His work has not only allowed him to work in TV, film, videos, commercial advertisements and fine art; but also to give back to his community by educating the public about Aerosol Art through teaching workshops and high school art classes.

A pioneering member of the CBS crew, Dytch66’s work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Recent group exhibitions include the Melrose Mural Project and Artopia at the Container Yard of Los Angeles. Robert was also featured by Crave Online for his work at Art Basel Miami 2014. He is the founder of Blank Canvas LA and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

He is the founder of Blank Canvas LA.

He currently lives and works Los Angeles.



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